Cancelled - CCW Class
Saturday, May 07, 2022
Contact Robert Pollock

Update:  We regret that the CCW Class on 7 May 2022 will not occur. We simply do not have enough confirmed participants to proceed. If you have sent a check, Brother Pollock will return it upon receipt.

9th Masonic District Officer’s Association Concealed Carry Course

April 24, 2022  Moved to May 7th 2022, At the Mad River Armory

The Ohio “Concealed Carry” course is offered to teach pistol owners how to safely carry their firearms, and learn the legalities of carrying a concealed weapon.   This is a full day’s course with three quarters being an interactive classroom experience, and the last quarter being active target shooting on an indoor range.   A boxed lunch, from Rudy’s BBQ, will be provided.

Participants should contact Rob Pollock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (before 13 April) to get on the list.  There are only 16 persons per class.  There are five currently signed up.

On April 14, 2022, WB Pollock will email the instructions for how to register and pay to all on the list.

Participants are requested to bring their firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition and proper hearing protection. 

Location Mad River Armory

Stated Meetings

Anthony Lodge No. 455

- 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 7:30 PM

Chandler Lodge No. 138

- 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7:30 PM

Clark Lodge No. 101

- 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7:30 PM

Fielding Lodge No. 192
- 2nd & 4th Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Harmony Lodge No. 8
- 1st Thursday @ 7:30 PM
H.S. Kissell Lodge No. 674
- 2nd & 4th Thursday @ 7:30 PM
Madison Lodge No. 221
- 2nd & 4th Monday @ 7:30 PM
Mechanicsburg Lodge No. 113
- 1st Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Morning Star Lodge No. 795
- 1st Monday @ 10:00 AM
Mt. Sterling Lodge No. 269
- 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7:30 PM
Mt. Olivet Lodge No. 226
- 2nd Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
New Carlisle Lodge No. 100
- 2nd Thursday @ 7:00 PM
St. Andrews Lodge No. 619
- 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7:30 PM
Urania Lodge No. 311
- 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

Who has the Gavel?

Lodge: New Carlisle 100
Next Stated Meeting: July 14th @ 7pm



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